Afshin Ashofteh is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive academic background. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Management, specializing in Statistics and Econometrics, and an MBA in Finance. Additionally, he has a Post-graduate degree in Statistical Systems specialized for Central Banks, a Master’s degree, and a BSc in Mathematical Statistics.

Afshin’s commitment to professional excellence is evident through his certifications, including being certified by TÜV NORD for Risk Management and Internal Audit of Information Security Management System (ISMS).

As a Member of the Information Management Research and Development Center (MagIC) at NOVA IMS, Afshin has made significant contributions to the field of Data Science in Finance. His expertise lies in implementing Big Data and predictive models within the realms of Banking, Actuaries, and Official Statistics.

Throughout his career, Afshin has combined teaching and practical applications of Econometrics and Statistics to address complex financial risk challenges and official statistical matters. His research interests have centered on ensemble models for panel time series, machine learning approaches, and data science.

Recently, Afshin’s groundbreaking work on a new machine learning approach for credit-scoring with Big Data was published in Expert Systems with Application, a top 5% journal in artificial intelligence. His research has been highly acclaimed, with his PySpark code awarded a Reproducible Badge, and his work receiving the prestigious first prize at the International Conference of Risk Analysis in Austria.

With a diverse and extensive academic and professional background, Afshin Ashofteh continues to make a significant impact in the field of Data Science and Finance, contributing to cutting-edge research and innovative solutions in the industry.