Prof. Dr. Bultez is a globally acclaimed authority in risk analytics, risk management, and corporate governance. With an impressive career spanning over 40 years, he has made significant contributions to the fields of banking, finance, and micro-finance across an astounding 72 countries. As an esteemed advisor, he has provided counsel to 18 central banks worldwide and 14 governments in regions spanning Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Dr. Bultez’s remarkable expertise extends to the boardrooms of more than 30 international financial companies, showcasing his prowess in strategic decision-making and governance. His dedication to promoting robust financial systems has also led to his involvement with the Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission until recently.

Beyond his advisory roles, Professor Bultez is also a revered academic figure with visiting professorships in over 10 esteemed universities worldwide. His passion for knowledge and exploration is evident in his 32 publications, which delve into the realms of risk analytics and financial governance.

Among his noteworthy publications are “Risk Management: New Tools,” “Pension Funds Risk Management in the OECD Countries” (National Bank of Slovakia, 2006), and “The Relationship with Bankers” (ABB – Belgian Bankers Association). His deep understanding of the global financial landscape is further exemplified by his work on “Microfinance as a Tool to Mobilize Savings in Growing Countries: The Case of Thailand” (Ministry of Economy and Finance Thailand, December 2011).

Professor Bultez also wears the hat of a Corporate Finance Professional and holds memberships in prestigious institutions such as FT Knowledge Ltd and NYIF (New York Institute of Finance). As the Executive Director of Global Executive Retreat in Switzerland, he fosters knowledge exchange and networking opportunities on an international scale.

In the realm of finance, Dr. Bultez’s name is synonymous with expertise, and his contributions to risk management, governance, and strategic planning have left an indelible mark on the global financial landscape. His multifaceted career exemplifies a lifelong dedication to enhancing financial systems and empowering professionals across the globe.