Elena Dragunova is a seasoned professional serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Strattners. With a remarkable sixteen-year management career, she has held key leadership positions, including Commercial Director, Director of Sales & Marketing, General Manager, and Managing Director, predominantly within the high end hospitality and real estate industries. Joining Strattners in 2020, Elena took charge of leading the operational team, overseeing day-to-day business management, and optimizing Operations. Her primary focus revolves around fostering a collaborative team with efficient processes while advising the leadership on pertinent operational enhancements. Elena’s expertise lies in asset management, problem-solving, and driving revenue performance, as demonstrated in her previous role managing the sales and marketing team for a prominent mixed-development company in Phuket, Thailand. Elena is exceptionally well-educated, holding a PhD in History of Art and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Her diverse skill set and wealth of experience make her an invaluable asset to the Strattners team.