Philippe, a Belgian citizen, is a seasoned professional with over 50 years of invaluable experience in the banking industry. His extensive career has taken him across several countries, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, and Monaco.

Notably, Philippe served as a Board member of one of Luxembourg’s largest banks, BIL, where he successfully established a pioneering private banking model inspired by Mc Kinsey. He then went on to lead Dexia’s Swiss bank as its CEO. His leadership journey continued, and he held prominent positions as CEO and Chairman in various distinguished financial institutions in Paris and Luxembourg.

Even with a remarkable career, Philippe has been giving back to the community. In recent years, he has volunteered his expertise for a major foundation in Luxembourg and has assumed advisory and non-executive roles in wealth and asset management companies in the region. Additionally, he has facilitated M&A activities in Luxembourg for foreign groups looking to expand their financial endeavors.

Outside the finance realm, Philippe manages to find time for his passions. He enjoys playing golf as often as possible and holds the esteemed position of Chairman at MCEI (Marketing Communication Executive Internat) in Luxembourg.

Philippe’s wealth of experience, dedication to philanthropic endeavors, and diverse interests make him a truly accomplished and influential figure in the financial world and beyond.