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What is Strattners revenue model?

Our core revenue comes from our core business, Strattner Capital Management, either through our underlying private fund transaction or through our fixed income trading business.

What are your greatest challenges?

As a small-cap firm we always want to make sure we manage our money right so that we can capitalize on revenue opportunities when they arrive. Systematic workflow is a challenge as well as an opportunity and we encourage strategic alignment between all subsidiaries so we proactively manage budgets and opportunities.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities?

Our biggest opportunities can be found in TBS Capital Management LLC, Strattner Capital Management and Strattner Technologies.

Through Strattner Capital Management we see the biggest opportunities in the private capital markets. In alternative credit or fixed income transactions such as convertibles and corporate bonds as well as in buy-outs.

Strattner Technologies I responsible for operating all in-house tech but also powers other brands and currently we see the biggest promise of revenue in Strattner.Space, Strattner.Voice and Strattner.Media.

How do you plan to attract large investments?

We are showcasing our success transparently every quarter and we think that smart money finds our vision and strategies compelling enough to engage in conversation. We also will work on increasing enterprise value and engage with institutional investors to talk strategy and what lies ahead for Strattners.

Where do you see Strattners by 2022?

We want to grow to meet the requirements of the Main Board Exchanges. We like the idea to trade undervalued so that our shareholders get a good deal.

How do you manage during Covid?

We use collaborative technology such as corporate intranet and other tools to communicate, work and get things done remotely. We are embracing it because we were working remotely with a small team before. We are also committed to run a lean organization employing specialist who manage their support teams to avoid over-staffing.

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