Group Companies

Group Companies

We are building a future by challenging the status quo and by growing our industry relevancy which creates sustainable value for our shareholders and clients. 

Strattner Capital LP is a family managed Limited Partnership and functions as a holding company.

Strattners Bank SA is an international bank providing corporate, private and investment banking.

Strattner Capital Management L.P. is an exepmt reporting adviser (ERA) that manages the private funds.  BrokerCheck – Find a broker, investment or financial advisor (

Private Funds Business is the Merchant Banking is the direct investment arm of Strattners.

Strattner Alternative Credit Fund LP offers is a private credit fund that invests in publicly traded companies. Strattner Convertible Equity Fund LP invests in secondary debt. TBS Capital LP invests in equities.

Strattners OneChain is a private digital assets project which is being built to address to increasing demand for regulated digital asset offerings. For more inforamtion visit


Strattner Group Corp. is a publicly traded small-cap company which accesses capital markets for its subsidiaries and provides capital to fund growth and investment strategies through registered and private offerings.