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Group Companies

Group Companies

We are building a future by challenging the status quo and by growing our industry relevancy which creates sustainable value for our shareholders and clients. 

Strattner Group Corp. is a publicly traded small-cap company which accesses capital markets for its subsidiaries and provides capital to fund growth and investment strategies through registered and private offerings. 

Strattner Capital Management L.P. is an exepmt reporting adviser (ERA) that manages the private funds.  BrokerCheck – Find a broker, investment or financial advisor (finra.org)

Private Funds Business is the Merchant Banking is the direct investment arm of Strattners.

Strattner Alternative Credit Fund LP offers is a private credit fund that invests in publicly traded companies. Strattner Convertible Equity Fund LP invests in secondary debt. TBS Capital LP invests in equities.

Strattners OneChain is a private digital assets project which is being built to address to increasing demand for regulated digital asset offerings. For more inforamtion visit  s1c.strattners.com


We leverage our performance by utilising financial structures to finance our growth.

When Timo Strattner acquired SC Holdings Inc. (OTC:SCNG) in early 2020 he did so with a conviction to build a revolutionary type of financial firm. The philosophy is to operate a family owned publicly traded investment house that adds considerable value to clients, manages principal assets and transparently grows. The corporate growth model includes raising capital through listed entity Strattner Group Corp. (SCNG). At the time, SC Holdings Inc. was buried with debt and had no revenue at all. After the take over, Timo Strattner inherited over 8,000 sahreholders and created a start up fund manager Strattner Capital Management and a private fund TBS Capital LP. In Q4 2021 SCNG reported revenue for the first time, beating market expectations.


We are structuring our entities to serve our growth aspirations largely driven by diversifying our revenue streams. 

As the world adapts to a remote work environment we capitalise on our in-house technology to connect with clients and staff in efficient ways. 

We manage teams in Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East remotely and through satellite offices. 

There is value in all corners of the market. All our strategies focus on the narrative to structure investments and trades for quantifiable outcomes. 

We invest in the continuous education of our staff and are always open to expand out teams. 

We intend to raise capital from outside investors leveraging on the success of managing the assets of the Strattner Family. 

We are a family owned investment house that follow bold investment strategies.

We wanted to create transparency and be able to utilise the capital markets to raise capital for our investment strategies.