Private Funds Business

We manage complex transactions on global exchanges

Our funds are owner, sponsor funded private funds that are managed by Strattner Capital Management L.P.

We consider ourselves a global alternative investment manager offering clients complementary primary and secondary investment solutions across the credit, private equity, global equities, and other asset classes. We collaborate to consistently deliver innovative, solutions-oriented investment results throughout market cycles.


Strattner Investment Fund LP

We seek opportunities in global derivatives and OTC securities markets.

Strattner Alternative Credit Fund LP

We structure alternative credit which is a type of financing provided to corporate issuers or against assets that may be otherwise hard to secure in traditional, public credit markets.

Strattner Convertible Equity Fund LP

Convertible notes are originally structured as debt investments but have a provision that allows the principal plus accrued interest to convert into an equity investment at a later date. This means they are essentially a hybrid of debt and equity.