About us

About Strattners®

Strattners® is a family owned financial group. 

At Strattners® we are particularly proud of our integrated approach to value creation. We operate as one firm, leveraging all of our expertise across the firm. Strattners® invests in and partners with companies poised for significant improvement or growth.

Moreover, we may uncover diversification, growth, and acquisition opportunities or start new business lines in sectors where we believe this would increase profitability and benefit our shareholders.

Yours Sincerely,

CEO & Founder of Strattner Group

Corporate Development & Growth Strategies

We develop and commercialize brands leveraging on the overlap in technologies, applications, marketing, financial management, research, and development in partnership with each other as well as with companies that we believe have the potential to grow and complement our strategic vision and overall valuation.


We play a vital role in developing corporate strategy, shareholder value, and financing structures for our subsidiaries in order to deploy resources to facilitate the continuous growth of our brands, subsidiaries, staff, and stakeholders.

Our subsidiaries share a common goal to grow our brand value over time through collaboration and shared vision. Value origination is embedded in our cultural corporate fabric and the reason the Strattner brand is active in various industries. Our strategic alignment creates space for commercializing innovative ideas in synergy with traditional corporate values. In the future we expect to operate as a full service investment bank.

Value origination is a group-wide philosophy with the intent to get our employees and executives in close proximity to creating lasting value by deploying systems and strategies to interact in an environment where we can excel and grow into leadership positions whilst cultivating an equitable corporate culture and opportunities.