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About Strattners

Strattner Group Corp. also known as Strattners is a pubicly traded small-cap diversified conglomerate and parent company of the Strattner portfolio of brands and subsidiaries. We derive revenue from the our subsidiaries and we are instrumental in their success.

Through our core activities we uncover growth opportunities and we may make acquisitions or start new business lines in sectors when we believe this would increase profitability or stability for our shareholders. What makes us unique is our equity-linked value creation philosophy and approach to growth. Our subsidiaries share strategic interests.

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CEO & Founder of Strattner Group

Joint Vision amongst all entities

Strategic alignment of our subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries share a commone goal to grow our brand value over time through collaboration and shared vision. Value origination is embedded into our cultural corporate fabric and the reason the Strattner brand is active in various industries. Our strategic alignment creates space for commercializing innovative ideas in synergy with traditional corporate values.

A strong philosophy

Unique Leadership Approach

Value origination is a group wide philosophy with the intent to get our employees and executives in chose proximity to creating lasting value by deploying systems and strategies to interact in an environment where we can excel and grow into leadership positions whilst cultivating a equitable corporate culture and oppurtunities.


Our core businesses are TBS Capital Management LLC, a New York based, SEC exempt reporting adviser CRD# 304817 / SEC# 802-117143, our private funds, and Strattner Technologies LLC.

Corporate Development & Growth Strategies

We develop and commercialize brands leveraging on overlap in technologies, production, marketing, financial management, research, and development in partnership with each other as well as with companies which we believe have the potential to grow and compliment our strategic vision and overall valuation.

We play a vital role in developing corporate strategy, shareholder value and financing structures for our subsidiaries in order to deploy resources to faciliate continuous growth of our brands, subsidiaries, staff and stakeholders.

How we fit into the

New Era of Conglomerates

Conglomerates played an important role in the United States in the 1960’s due to a combination of low interest rates, and a repeating bear-bull market, which created the conglomerate phenomena which allowed conglomerates to buy other companies in leveraged buyouts, sometimes at temporarily deflated values.

In theory, the firms in a conglomerate structure have no overlapping connection, but in practice, there are strategic shared interests. We see overlap in technologies, production, marketing, financial management, research, and development, and other factor that makes subsidiaries synergistic, even in unrelated industries.

As such, the synergies and complimentary effects between the business, digital or not, are much greater than for previous conglomerates. This new digital and financial reality suggests that technology and data will not only be transformative within markets or verticals but also yields valuable intelligence for business transformation for all kinds of industries.

We are unique due to our equility-linked value creation philosophy achieved by managing a venture commercialization platform powered by shared in-house competencies.

We analyze markets, develop structured revenue plans, build and integrate technology, finance, manage and grow subsidiaries and our overall valuation, In the future, we believe that our philosophy will enable us to commercialize various exciting brands and projects through our shared-vision and merging of expertise throughout the Strattner Group.

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