A Family Owned Financial Group

Strattners® is a family owned financial firm dedicated to making an impact by leveraging human and visionary capital resourcefully. The firm is primarily focused on debt, equity, structured and other special situations investments in the United States, Europe and Asia and other emerging markets.

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Strategies that matter.

We structure products that capture value in primary and secondary markets.

We pride ourselves being a Global, Structured and Relevant organisation. 

We identify market inefficiencies and deal in undervalued equities. 

We are a fixed income manager focused on convertible and hybrid products.

Relevant, Global
& Structured

Strattners® is a company which operates subsidiaries within the capital markets industry. Strattners® mission is to be Relevant in ideas and deliver results that create growth.  Be a Global brand for managing and executing complex transactions in various asset classes in a unique, value added and Structured way.

Traditional Perspective
& Impactful Innovation

Strattner Capital Management L.P. is plays a vital role when institutional and professional investors need to transact in the complex alternative private debt and credit markets on traditional and digital exchanges. Our transactions create opportunities for our clients to access and deepen their impact within their respective strategies. 

We are able to invest on a global basis across a wide range of asset classes including DeFi and digital finance, private equity, real estate, public debt and equity, growth equity, opportunistic, non-investment grade credit, real assets as well as primary and secondary markets.

Our Core Business

Capital Markets


The complex nature of convertible securities – part equity and part debt – can lead mainstream stock and bond investors to overlook these securities, creating an inefficient market and, thus, prices at which convertible securities can offer return without comparable risk. Our approach emphasizes identifying those securities that offer the best fit for our strategies.

Alternative Credit

Our private and alternative credit strategies focus on investment opportunities in private and non-traditional debt issued by companies that have little or no access to traditional sources of financing.

Listed Equities

Our listed equities strategies seek to invest in undervalued stocks in specific regions.

Emerging Markets Equities

We believe inefficiencies in emerging markets result in companies that are often poorly analyzed and securities that are commonly mispriced. 

Growth Ventures

Through our core business and activities we uncover growth opportunities and we may make acquisitions or start new business lines in sectors when we believe this would increase profitability or stability for our shareholders. Our latest growth opportunities are Strattner.Space, Strattner.Voice and Strattner.Alerts.

Corporate Finance

We provide corporate finance services to international companies exploring to dual list on the US Exchanges.

Our Core Business

Our core businesses are Strattner Capital Management L.P., a Delaware investment adviser CRD#: 321857/SEC#: 802-125805, and our private funds namely Strattner Alternative Credit Fund LP, Strattner Convertible Equity Fund LP & TBS Capital LP.

Our Private Funds

Our wholly-owned private funds are owner sponsored private investment companies managed by Strattner Capital Management LP. We are focused on alternative credit, listed equities and convertibles.

Growth Ventures

Our Growth Venture Platform plays a vital role in our commercialization projects. Through our core business, we uncover growth opportunities and we may make acquisitions or start new business lines through our Growth Venture Platform in sectors where we believe this would increase profitability or stability for our business and shareholder value. What makes us unique is our equity-linked value creation philosophy and approach to growth. Our subsidiaries share strategic interests.