Merchant Banking
Merchant banks date back to the Middle Ages. European businesses began using their extra money to invest in foreign trade in exchange for a cut of the profit. These entities, known at the time as merchant houses, were usually small, family-owned businesses. Because of the international component, these investments were generally considered high-risk at the time. Ships carrying goods had to cross seas and oceans, risking bad weather, war, and piracy.
Strattners is a financial institution with deep industry experience. Our clientele are entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses, financial sponsors, and corporations.
We have the relevant depth of knowledge and experience in this domain, enabling us to provide bespoke financial solutions. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in today’s dynamic marketplace, and our merchant banking services are designed to add considerable value.
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Merchant Banking at the Heart of Our Evolution

As we grew from a single family office to a private bank, we continue to prioritise our core business of direct investments, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and investment acumen to drive exceptional outcomes. This enduring focus ensures that while we expand our services, our commitment to cultivating and managing direct investments remains at the heart of our operations, defining our path to innovation and leadership in the financial sector.
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Institutional investors like Strattners bring substantial financial resources to the table. When we invest, we contribute capital that the company can use for various purposes, such as expanding operations, research and development, or debt repayment. 

Our focus is on companies with enterprise values of €50 to €750 million and our target investment size is €25 to €125 million per transaction.

Institutional investors often have a long-term investment horizon. Their commitment to the company signals confidence in its future performance, which can help stabilize the company's stock price and reduce short-term volatility.

We recognize that every company we aim to support has its own distinct aspirations and needs. Therefore, whenever possible and within our risk and return evaluation framework, we take a flexible and tailored approach to structuring each investment to ensure these requirements are fulfilled.

Our approach is long-term and centered on partnership, reflecting our legacy as a family business. We believe this mindset offers us a perspective that distinctly sets us apart from our competitors.